giovedì 21 luglio 2016

Out soon: ETDCD08 - LARYNGECTOMIZED - "Chaotic Autopsy" - CD

ETDCD08 - LARYNGECTOMIZED - "Chaotic Autopsy" - CD
It will be ready in less than an month!
Enjoy this 6-tracks preview, goregrind lovers!

ETDCD007 - MENARCA - "Prognosi Infausta"

Out for Eyes of the Dead productions:

ETDCD007 - MENARCA - "Prognosi Infausta"

Are you ready for a nice dose of brutality in the italian way ? If so, Menarca are here for you!
9 tracks (plus a Morbid Angel cover) of brutal and technical Death Metal, in the great tradition of bands like Septycal Gorge, Devangelic, Logic of Denial, Bloodtruth, Sickening, Hideous Divinity, Suicidal Causticity and Hour of Penance.
Featuring the horrific, high-quality artwork of César Adrian / Soul Asphyx Arts (

Check the music video of "Prognosi 3" here:
Available for sale & trade, get in touch here or write us at: eodprodsATgmailDOTcom
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