venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

Here's a pretty neat extreme band from Italy, AGONY FACE, they releases two very nice albums. It's technical Death Metal, schizoid yet progressive and with an "artsy" concept, very interesting stuff.

Here's the cover of the first album, along with a sample. This item is available for sale and trade.

And here's the cover & a sample of the second album, this one is availble for sale only.

As usual, for more infos contact us at : carcassamATgmailDOTcom

giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

The last one for today, our last Tape release, the NURNEN "Demo MMV"

"Ultraraw old style Black Metal from the rotting bowels of Tuscany / Italy, in the style of Judas Iscariot, first Deathspell Omega, Clandestine Blaze. Including a cover version of the classic "Sadomatic Rites" by Beherit. Limited to 375 handnumbered copies."

And here's a sample :
This is our first CD production, the SOULLESS / EXSECRATOR "Inheritance of the Wicked Empire" split. We've very few copies left, act fast !

"SOULLESS hails from Poland. The band offers four tracks of skilled, twisted and furious death metal, inspired by the masters DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL but with a vibe of its very own. EXSECRATOR from Italy are the rawer side of the offering, with its mayhemic drumming, lunatic guitarism and some really sick gurgling desecrations ! An obscure, putrid and blasphemous death metal that’ll kick for sure every INCANTATION or DISGORGE (mex) worshipper’s ass !! "

Here's song for SOULLESS, now SOULLESS PROFANATION, this is their new album but this song was features on the split too with a different mix :
And these are EXSECRATOR in a live show :
Still before the pause, our last CDR production, the ISOLATION "A perpetual echo" demo.
We still have some copies available, don't miss it !

"Great old style black metal from Florence - Italy, with desolate atmospheres, doomish breaks and some wicked melodies here and there"

What do you say ? You don't buy anything if you don't try it first ? Oh, well...
And here's our last release before the long pause, TOD's "Black Metal Manifesto", we still have some copies available.

"A provocatory, intense, dramatic black metal opera, in the veins of Nehemah, Carpathian Forest, Forgotten Tomb. Alternating furious, livid passages to bittersweet moments of deep sadness"

We'll be very happy if you buy our productions, but since I know you're a bunch of cheapskate ;)

And finally, we're back.
For now, I'll just post the old productions and some distro updates, but there's a lot of stuff boiling on the background, stay tuned.

At the following links your could find the majority of our old distro stuff for sale on Discogs, we've many great UG release, even some really rare, so be sure to check them !

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