sabato 3 marzo 2018

Back from the dead (but rotten)

Yes, I know, you all believed this blog was out cold, but I decided to resurrect it, so I'm posting more updates from now on.
For this first post after almost 2 years of nothing, I'm going to recap what you could have missed amoung our releases.
If you want to get these pieces of sickness, contact us at:
Trades are welcomed.

* ETD032 - YAKISOBA - "Mandatory Amputation" - CDR with pro-cover, limited to 75 copies - Gurgling Goregrind from Italy

* ETD031 - PTOMA - "Aliens From The Deep" - CDR with pro-cover, limited to 75 copies - Bizarre Goregrind from Greece

* ETD026-1 - INFESTER - The Autopsy Findings Archive (2007-2014) Vol. 1
* ETD026-2 - INFESTER - The Autopsy Findings Archive (2007-2014) Vol. 2
* ETD026-3 - INFESTER - The Autopsy Findings Archive (2007-2014) Vol. 3
* ETD026-4 - INFESTER - The Autopsy Findings Archive (2007-2014) Vol. 4
This is a 4 parts CDR collection for this project of Bobby M. / Regurgitated Stoma Stew recs, covering years 2007-2014: 160+ tracks of noisy, deranged Goregrind in the vein of the usual masters: a true, repulsive delight for every goremonger around!
Each volume is limited to 75 handnumbered copies with pro-cover and features a different artwork: you could get them separately, but only owning all 4 you'll have a complete view of the gruesome masterword Lee / Gross drawn exclusively for this release!

* ETD029 - CUM GAYSER / Cx9 / EZEKIEL ASKS FOR ANAL UJAMAA / GANGRENE DISCHARGE - 4-Way Evisceration - CDR with pro-cover, limited to 150 copies - Cybergrindgorenoise inferno!

* ETD030 - LARYNGECTOMIZED - Recollection Of Laryngeal Remnants - CDR with pro-cover, limited to 150 copies - Collection of the early demos + unreleased stuff

* ETDCD009 - CADAVER CUM - "Horrifying Repugnance" - From Nekro (2 Minuta Dreka, Sposa In Alto Mare), 32 tracks of raw & nasty GoreGrind influenced by Necrophagia, Regurgitate, Haemorrhage, Carcass, Mortician, Cock And Ball Torture and Ahumado Granujo. Check the full album in streaming here:

* RESTOS HUMANOS - "Restos Humanos" - Factory printed CDR in Digipack - Horror-flix influenced Gore Grind in the vein of Machetazo, Impetigo and Death Breath. First full album! A co-production of Eyes of the Dead prods, Grindfather prods, Epidemic recs and Power From Hell recs.

* ETDCD008 - LARYNGECTMIZED - "Chaotic Autopsy" - CD - More than 30 tracks of noisy GoreGrind in the vein of LDOH and Pathologist! Enjoy the free preview here:

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