giovedì 23 aprile 2015

ETDCD004 GENITAL GRINDER (Ita) "Abduction" CD is out !

ETDCD004 GENITAL GRINDER (Ita) "Abduction" CD is out !

Eyes Of The Dead Productions is proud to announce that we finally received the full length album from GENITAL GRINDER (Ita) from the pressing plant.

Fuck yes, these prime movers of italian death metal scene (they're active since 1990 under the monicker Mass Slaughter) are back and ready to kick our fat asses with a huge dose of hammering brutality.
Expect no less than an unrelenting storm of our beloved ultraviolence in 9 tracks of fast, brutal, grinding death metal in the veins of ABORTED, SEVERE TORTURE, CRYPTOPSY, BEHEADED and CANNIBAL CORPSE.
Featuring the awesome cover artwork of Mark / Mindrape Art.

Prepare yourself to bleed!

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