martedì 9 settembre 2014

ETD016 PULVERIZED NECROBRAINS / PATISSERIE "Pernicious Pathological Perfomances" Split CDr

The Underground Storms Eternally, and so we are, with our second release after the long hiatus !

"Pernicious Pathological Perfomances" Split CDr
 Mortician-inspired Gore Grind from the US vs cat-loving, deranged Gore Grind from Japan

This release is limited to 333 copies, in two different versions.
The first 33 copies comes in a very special package (cover in DVD format with full artwork) and will be sold (no trades) exclusively by Eyes of the Dead prods. and the bands.
The following 300 copies comes in a slim CDR version with pro-printed cover, available for sale & trade.

The split will be out very very soon, anyone interested get in touch at :

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