mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

Eyes of the Dead spring sale !
It's spring, extreme metal friends, so it's time to make room for new releases ! So, we're going to do a massive sale on part of our catalogue. This sale will go on until further notice, if you're interested contact us at : carcassamATgmailDOTcom
And don't forget to ask for our full catalogue ;)

1 CD : 6 E
3 CD : 16 E
5 CD : 22 E
10 CD    : 40 E

ABRASIVE - "Devotion" - CD - Brutal death metal in US style with ultra brutal guttural vocals !!!
ABUSIVENESS - “Trioditis” - CD - Ferocious, heathen Black Metal from Poland, sung in Polish and Unkrainian.
AD NOCTUM  -  “The Excellence Of Supremacy”   -   CD  -  recording from 1999 and 2000, this is hell unleashed upon Earth ! Fast black metal, no trends, just pure darkness and evil. 12 tracks, total playtime 49:52 minutes
ADVENT - "The Dawn" - CD - Obscure Gothic Black Metal from Italy
AGARTHI  -  “At The Burning Horizon”  -  MCD - out for mighty Red Stream, melodic black metal w/ aggressive guitars and some deep, clean, theatrical voice at times reminding some Borknagar stuff. Now known as Fiurach
AGHIATRIAS  -  "Regions of Limen"  -  CD  -  more than one hour of scary ambient. Crawling fear !!!
AGMEN  -  "Damnation" - CD - Brutal Black Metal without compromises from the mighty Czech underground. No keys, no female vocals, just pure musical obliteration with excellent production and musicianship
AGONY FACE - CXVIII Monolithic Squeakings - CD - Surrealistic and technical Death Metal from Italy with some progressive touches & concept. This is the first album
ALGOL/SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY  -  "Whispers from an empty room"  -  CD  -  atmospheric black metal à la older Arcturus or And Oceans against avantgarde doom black. Surely not some average stuff !
ALL SHALL PERISH - “Hate, Malice and Revenge” - CD
AMSVARTNER  -  “The Trollish Mirror”  -  MCD  -  four tracks and  twentythree minutes of high class death/black/heavy for the band of brothers Johansson. Lots of melody and epicness here, killer classic !
ANCIENT GODS - “Mystic Lands” - CD
AND HARMONY DIES - Flames Everywhere - CD - Avantgardish Black - It's the soundtrack of a sick circus! Majestic!!!
ANGEL´S DECAY - "Odiumspace" - CD - Crushing death similar to older Kataklysm
ANTROPOFAGUS  -  "Alive is good... dead is better"   -  MCD  -  live offering from this cult Brutal death Metal from Italy, feat. Argento from Spite Extreme Wing
APHELION / DISMAL  -  "The arrival / Maze of dementia"  -  CD  -  Old school death metal / raw underground Death Metal. Total playing time: 73:23, 22 songs, 12 sided booklet, limited to 500 handnumbered copies
APHOTIC / DUSK  -  "To Find New Darkness/The Slumber"  -  CD   -  great heavy, atmospheric yet oppressive doomy death metal !!
APOKEFALE  -  "Interior Chaos"  -  CD   -  cold & grim black metal  from Russia, w/ symphonic & dark elements. Incl. Bathory cover "Woman of Dark Desires"+ Multimedia
ARALLU  -  "The Demon From The Ancient World"  -  CD  -  Get ready for Mesopotamian middle eastern barbarian black metal with Arabic rhythms, atmosphere of the desert and influences of old thrash bands from 80ties
ARATHYR - “Curse  man's blame” - CD in carboard case
ARCHAIC WINTER - "The Psychology Of Death" - CD
ARPHAXAT - Loudun la maudite - CD
ARS DIAVOLI / IRAE / PENITENCIA / THY BLACK BLOOD  - "Black Throne of Disease" - CD - Four Portuguese Black Metal hordes devastating the Underground. No mercy, no compromises, only Black Metal.  - Limited to 500 copies
ARS GOETIA  - "Anachoreta" - CD - Old style Black Metal from Italy, in the vein of Darkthrone, Ancient and a touch of Nargaroth.
ARS MANIFESTIA - "The Red Behind" - CD - Intricate and varied Melodic Black Metal from Italy
ARTH -  "When medieval winds crossed the land"  -  CD  -  4 tracks + intro of Helvetic pagan/black metal. Lim. to 500 copies, totally pro package for this young pruod horde from Hellvetia !
ARUM - "Occult Cataclysm" - CD - Melodic, mid-tempo black metal from Brazil
ARYADEVA  - "Kshatra" - CD - Experimental Pagan/Black Metal featuring Malaysian band members.
ASTARIUM - Wyrm of Melancholy - CD - Symphonic Black Metal
ATANATOS - “Assault of Heathen Forces” - MCD
AURIGA  - "Chains of despair" - MCD
AVENGER  -  "Godless"   -  CD  -  Brand new, 3rd album! Crushing black / death metal from Czech Republic
AVENGER  -  "Live At Open Hell Fest 2003"  -  CD  -  Crushing black / death metal (limited to 666)
AVSKY - Mass Destruction - CD
AVULSION  -  "Indoctrination Into The Cult of Death"  -  CD  -  Long awaited 2nd CD! Old school brutal death
AZMODAN  -  "Evil obscurity"  -  CD  -  This CD contains new and unreleased material plus reediting songs taken form split cd, live and demo...
BARATRO / ENTITY / UNDEAD  -  “Blood Beyond The Sand”  -  DigiCD  -  three way split CD with the Death Metal bands
BARBARITY  -  "Hell Is Here"  -  CD  -  Brutal old school necro death metal
BARBARITY  - "The Wish To Bleed/Cut The Filthy Skin" - CD
BATHTUB SHITTER  -  "Lifetime shitlist"  -  CD  - Great Grindcore / Powerviolence from Japan !
BELLATOR  -  “Fluxional“  -  MCD  -  meticulously mastered guitar work, aggressive vocals and morbid lyricism  : dark technical death metal, between Sepultura and Death “Human” era
BELLUM - “Voluntad de Poder” - MCD
BESEECH  -  “From a bleeding heart”  -  CD  -  emotional goth/doom masterpiece, w/ male growlings, occasional female vox and acoustic instruments. A must for any Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride fan !
BESIEGED  -  "s/t"  -  CD  -  Old school death metal featuring Chad Walls, (Pustulated, Dislimb, ex Brodequin) on drums
BESTIAL DEFORM  -  "Stop the christianity"  -  CD  -  new third album of veteran Russian death metal band w/ 15 years of history. For fans MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION : satanic old school death metal !
BESTIAL DEVASTATION / OBSCENE  -  "s/t"  -  CD  -  BD from Italy offers 8 tracks of brutal Death / Grind and O from Sweden delivers 5 tracks of brutal Death Metal including a MORTICIAN cover. Sick and gory cover art!!
BEYOND THE NINTH WAVE - "s/t" - CD - Cold Canadian Black Metal a bit in the Xasthur veins
BIOLICH  -  "The space between home and today"  -  MCD  -  the debut MCD of one of the most innovative Death/Grind acts the underground has to offer
BITTERNESS - “Genociety” - CD - great German death/thrash
BLACK ANGEL - "From the Darkness" - CD - Peruvian act, old school BM in the south american way
BLACK ANGEL/BEELZEBUL  - "Satanist rites" - CD
BLACK DEATH RITUAL  - "Profound Echoes of the End" - CD - Cold necro Black Metal from northern of Finland, known already from the split LP with Azaghal
BLACK VOMIT - "The Faithful Servant" - CD
BLACKTHRONE - “Above the Law” - CD
BLOODCHURN  -  "Ravenous Consumption"  -  CD  - emerging from the bowels of Mississippi, Bloodchurn's "Ravenous Consumption" demonstrates the force of its unique cocktail of intricate riffing, sporadic blast beats and guttural recitings
BLOODTHORN  -  "Under The Reign of Terror"  -  CD  -  “Under the Reign of Terror” is the sound of centuries of warfare and plague. Experience for yourself this killing force of Black/Death Metal violence from Trondheim, Norge
BLOODY LAIR  - "Total Mayhem" - CD - Black metal, limited to 500 copies.
BODIES IN THE GEARS OF THE APPARATUS  -  “Simian Hybrid Prototype”  -  MCD  -  Complex and modern Grindcore in the new Relapse school style, they remind a bit Human Remains
BORN OF SIN - Impefect Breed of Humanity - CD
BURNING INSIDE  -  "The Eve Of The Entities"  -  CD (light scratches)  -  Technical, "schuldineresque" Death Metal from USA
CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM - Grindpeace - CD - Grind Death Metal with a massive dose of Carcass vibes
CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM  -  "Serial grinder"  -  CD  -  the most extreme death/grind from Italy, expect almost 40 minutes of full blasts, a skilled edge and waterfalls of grandguignolesque black humour !
CARNYX - "Leaving Reason" - CD - Raw, primitive and gloomy Black Metal. 11 tracks.
CENOTAPH (ita)  -  "Heart And Knife"  -  MCD  -  heavy electronic metal, w/ orchestral, gothic and industrial flavours. For the lovers of unconventional, changelling and modern music !!
CHAOS FEEDS LIFE   -   " ....strike upon you"   -  MCD  -  5 tracks, about 16 minutes of pretty original folkish "odhinic" death / black metal from France, on Kaly Records
CHARNEL VALLEY  -  "The dark archives"  -  CD  -  five tracks of ultra primitive, minimal, atmospheric black metal in the 1990's style, similiar to the sound and aestheics of Judas Iscariot, Burzum, Darkthrone, early Graveland, and Vlad Tepes
CIRITH GORGOR  -  "Firestorm apocalypse"  -  CD  -  fast unholy black metal from Netherland
COERCION  -  "Lifework"  -  MCD  -  the swedish gods of oldschool deathmetal are finally back
COMA VOID  -  "StormKing Twilight"  -  CD  -  Assassinating astral pagan metal from the USA ! Extremely twisted and innovating textures of pure heaviness !
COMPOS MENTIS - "Fragments of a withered dream" - CD - Very nice melodic Death Metal in the vein of CEREMONIAL OATH, DARK TRANQUILLITY and EUCHARIST
CONVENT - “Abandon your lord” - CD
CORPORAL RAID / BREDOR  -  "Xenophilism / Ode To The Lunacy"  -  CD  -  CR (Italy) play Brutal gore grind Death Metal ala TU CARNE/CBT while B (Ukraine) play classic brutal death like Suffocation, Deeds of flesh !! An insane alliance !!
CORPSE CARVING / TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE / BLUDGEON - "And Then There Were 3" - CD - A carcinogenic brutal offering of slam and gore !
CORPSEFUCKING ART  -  "The Art Of Fucking Corpse" -  CD  -  A great collection with all the music released by the band until the "A Puzzle Of Flesh" MCD
CRIMINAL  -  “Dead Soul”  -  CD  -   twelve straightforward, thrash/death bullets w/ early Sepultura influences from theseSouth Americans
CROPMENT  -  "Braindrain Timeslavery"   -  MCD  -  brutal death metal from Austria
CRYFEMAL - "Perpetua Funebre Gloria" - CD - one of most talented Spanish black metal act. New opus, six long songs, all with lyrics sung in Spanish. Plus one professional video clip in a Madrid cemetery as bonus
CUBRE   -  "Our Tangled Soul"  -  CD  -  A great digipack for this brutal Death Metalnoise band
CULT OF DAATH  -  "Slit Throats and Ritual Nights"  -  CD  -  Cult black metal
CUMDEO  -  “The Threads Of Imagination”  -  CD  -  dark, obscure ritualistic ambient from the icy monasterial crypts of the doomed and the forgotten. Electro music, quasi Gregorian chants, violins, and more. Wonderful packaging
DARKFALL - “Firebreed” - MCD
DARKNESS ETERNAL  -  "Misanthropic Annihilation"  -  CD  -  unholy Canadian warlords Darkness Eternal 3rd full length album ! This new album proves that ancient death metal truly lives on. Devotees of classic Incantation, Immolation, Autopsy, Grave and The Chasm can't lose this ! A masterpiece.
DARKTRANCE - Pessimum - CD - Black Metal
DEADEN - “Hymn of the Sick” - CD
DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER  -  “First Bestial Butchery”  -  CD  -  old school brutal Black Death, like Sarcofago/Blasphemy meets Blood and Autopsy
DEBODIFIED  -  "Utopia in the Eyes of a Beast"  -  CD  -   brutal as hell Death Metal music à la Prophecy, Disgorge, w/ a  bit of an influence from acts such as Dying Fetus and Disavowed.This is a must for any brutal death metal fan
DEIMOS  -  "Never Be Awaken"  -  CD  -  debut album for this russian death doom progressive band. Killer graphix !
DELLAMORTE  -  Uglier and more disgusting"  -  CD  -  Motörhead inspired heavy, groovy, dirty death metal from Sweden, debut full length under Osmose Prod.s banner
DEMIURG  - "Unholy War"/"Sword Of Rebellion" - CD
DEMOGORGON - “Christ is a Lie” - CD
DEMONIC CHORALS  - "Power Of Immortal Hatred" - CD - skullsplitting brutal black metal à la Marduk, Belphegor, Setherial. Debut album for this Slovak act
DESCEND  -  “Beyond the realm of throes”  -  CD  -  sick brutal GoreGrind death massacre w/ respectively a Russian band, a Polish and a Brazilian one !! Strickly Limited to 500 copies !! Many meat to roast
DESECRATION  -  “Pathway To Deviance”  -  CD  - the lastest album, less melodic and straight to the point. Bonecrushing Death Metal
DESULTORY  -  “Swallow The Snake”  -  CD  -  cult classic of groovy rock oriented death metal. For Entombed fans !
DETRIMENTUM  -  "A Monument To The Suffering"  -  CD  -  A raging holocaust of Technical Death Metal
DIABOLICAL  -  “Sinergy”  -  CD  -  tight, melodicSwedish death thrash combo inspired by bands like At The Gates & Carcass
DIMENSION F3H  -  "Reaping the World Winds" -  CD   -  new project for ex Limbonic Art Morpheus, 11 tracks of original futuristic sympho metal w/ electronic and industrial inserts. Really avantgardish ! 9/10 on Metal Observer
DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS  - "Architecture Of Realities" - CD
DIMENTIANON  -  "Seven suicides"  -  CD  -  Seven tracks of misanthropic and violent black/death metal
DIMENTIANON  - "Hosannas Novus Ordo Seclorum" - CD
DISCREATE - Contingent Development Of Inanimate Modifications  - CD
DISFORIA / CRUEL FACE OF LIFE / MACHESCAZO / CxOxSx - "All for Nothing" - CD - 4 way Grind / Powerviolence split with bands from Italy
DISGUISE  -  "Human Primordial Instinct"  -  CD  - debut full length , sympho bm drawing influences from Aborym, Dimmu Borgir, Limbonic Art. Powerful and aggressive yet gloomy, a must !
DISINTER  -  "Hell gate"  -  CD  -  old school peruvian death metal !!
DIVINE:DECAY  -  "Maximise the misery"  -  CD  -  second album under the Osmose Prod.s flag. Great return for these Bay Area retro speed/thrash Finnish worshippers !!! Fresh, powerful, intense, aggressive and inspired: thumbs up !!
DIVINE:DECAY  -  "Songs of the damned"  -  CD  -  debut album for these Finnish speed/thrash maniacs, a very enjoyable and highly entertaining  offering for anyone missing the good ol' thrashy vibes of old Metallica and Testament
DOMINATION THROUGH IMPURITY  -  Essence of Brutality"  -  CD  -  The next level of innovative, technical death metal has arrived ! Prepare yourself for an audio assault of pure violence that will leave your ears bleeding and begging for mercy. Razor sharp riffs, precision drumming, and a dual vocal attack that will set the new standard for brutality!
DOOM SYNDICATE  -  "Beyond Salvation"  -  CD  -    nine devastating Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore tracks
DRACONIS SANGUIS  -   "Between Insanity And Briliance"  -  CD  -  Avantgarde black/death metal with touches of medieval harmonies from the German underground movement
DRAMA  -  " Winds Choir Opera"  -  CD  -  Immortal styled intense freezing black metal from Russia ! W/ Immortal's "Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss" cover. Great graphix
DYSANCHELY  - "Nausea" - CD - Melodic Death Metal from Slovakia
EGG -  -  CD  -  Truly strange and provocative Post Core in the vein of Mr. Bungle
ELDERBLOOD - "Son of the Morning" - CD - Symphonic Black Metal from Ukraina
EMANCER - "Invisible" - CD - Symphonic Black Metal in the way of Emperor, early Arcturus, Limbonic Art
EMANCER - "The menace within" - CD
EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT - "Beheaded by Volition" - CD - Wicked, technical Death Metal, like a crazy blend of Malignacy and Gorguts.
EMPALIGON  -  "Black Dominated Annihilation"  -  CD  -  fast, annihilating, Satan worshipping black metal à la Dark Funeral
EMPIRE OF THE SCOURGED - Transcend into Oblivion - CD - Industrial Death Metal
EMPTY  -  "A Source of Hollow Essence"  -  CD  -  old school black metal in the vein of old Emperor "Wrath of the Tyrants" era, but with better production. From Spain
ENSHRINED - Derevelation - CD
ENTHRALLMENT - "Smashed Brain Collection" - CD - Brutal & catchy Death Metal from Bulgaria
ENTIRETY - “In Caelo Omnia Acciderunt “ - MCD
ENTWINED  -  “Dancing Under Glass”  -  CD (pierced barcode) - Melodic yet aggressive Death Metal with fantastic solos
ERIAMINELL  -  "Enraged"  -  CD  -  wicked, sick, brutal cyber noisy death/black metal w/ ossessive riffing, drum machine and classical or even jazzy touches here and there. Really weird !
ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE  -  “Ephemeris sun”  -  CD  -  fast symphonic metal w/ black, death & gothic influences: avantgarde, melodic, atmospheric, sophisticated, emotional but with tons of brutality, too. Killer !
ETERNAL RUIN / LEUKORRHEA - "Denied existence" - CD
EVIL GOD - "Deeds of the Antichrist" - CD
EVIL INCARNATE  -  "Blackest Hymns Of God's Embrace"  -  CD  -  Old style Death Metal influenced by POSSESSED, DEATH, DARK ANGEL, MASSACRE, CELTIC FROST
EWIGES REICH  -  "Thron aus Eis"  -  CD  -  Second killer album from this corpse painted German quintet ! Hellish and raging early MARDUK like bm attack : 9 songs, 38 minutes of grim blackened pagan brutality!
EWIGES REICH  -  "Zeit des Erwachens"  -  CD  -  blasting fast Nordic influenced speedy bm à la Dark Funeral and Immortal w/ atmospheric intros and interludes. 10 Songs,35 minutes of raw, grim, cruel stuff
EX DEMENTIA - "in the chapters of horror" - CD
EXVENTER  -  "Procederum finic"  -  CD  -  Russian brutal old school death grind à la Rottrevore, Incantation and Asphyx. Feat. a video shot
FAECES ERUPTION / TUMOUR  -  "s/t"  -  CD  -  Holland's FAECES ERUPTION create totally psycho obsessed serial killer gore grind for the mentally disturbed. Also from the Netherlands, TUMOUR grow absolutely cancerous speaker splattering drum machine blast grind noisecore that must be heard to be believed!
FATUM  -  "Obsessions Of Loneliness"  -  CD  -  heavy doom metal w/ gothic shades, clear and growling vocals, some keys, acoustic guitars and beautiful atmospheres
FAUST  -  “…And Finally Faust”  -  MCD  - dark melodic black metal from Finland
FERRO IGNIQUE  -  "World wide war"  -  CD  -  fast, agressive, raw, hateful black metal from Germany. No room for keyboard or female vocals here !!
FIEND - "Black Abhorrent Metal" - CD - Killer Black Metal from Germany
FLAGELLUM DEI  -  “Tormentor .. of the false creator”  -  CD  -  feral black metal à la Deathspell Omega “Inquisitors of Satan” era
FLESHGORE   -  "Killing Absorption"  -  CD  -  US brutal death metal from Ukraine. The most brutal band from this East European country !
FOREST OF IMPALED  -  "Demonvoid"  -  CD  -  pure power and aggression ! Fans of blistering, melodic Black Metal will find themselves hopelessly trapped in the Demonvoid
FOREST OF IMPALED  -  "Forward the Spears"  -  CD  -  Outrageous combat ready Death/Black Metal by methodological musicians. “Forward the Spears” marches forward with blood-spattered precision
FORGOTTEN CHAOS - "Victorious among the damned" - CD - violent Black/Thrash from Switzerland. True disciples of Old-School Black Metal, combining thrashing skills with eerie pagan tunes
FORLIS - "Tissue of Life" - CD - Atmospheric Doom/Ambient features members of SANCTUS DAEMONEON, VICTIMIZER, AD NOCTUM, and CHURCH BIZARRE
FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES  -  "Defy"  -  CD  -  Powerful and technical Grindcore with a great production
FROM BEYOND  -  "Endtime"  -  CD  -  out now!! Primordial tenebrous doom/death metal from Czech Republic ! Slow, massive, heavy, dark and gloomy guitar riffs with brutal death metal growling in the vein of Trouble, Cathedral, Entombed, Crowbar, Black Sabbath, Six Feet Under and Bolt Thrower. Lim. 1000 copies
FUCK SHIT UP  -  "Generation Of Defecation"  -  CD  -  Long awaited debut album of monstrous brutal death/grind from Nahodka City, Russia. Not bad, check it out !
FUNEBRIS  -  “Triumph of the everlasting fire”  -  CD  -  blazing and superior black metal from England, female fronted. Adorior spits enough venom to take its place among the ranks of Satyricon and Ulver
FUNERAL RITES - "Necroeater" - CD
GANDALF  -  " Deadly fairytales"  -  CD  -  A strange “evolution” for this Death Metal band, featuring some progressive and hardcorish elements, in this concept dedicated to Dracula
GARBAGE DISPOSAL  -  "Reunion Carbide"  -  CD
GOAT HORNS  -  “The Magician of Black Chaos”   -  MCD
GOAT HORNS / the true ENDLESS  - "s/t" -  CD  -  esoteric old school black metal for the English horde, pure mayhemic chaos from Endless, one of the mightier acts from Italy. A worthy release !
GOATLORD CORP  -  “Early beginnings of war”  -  MCD  -  French horde offering 4 tracks of fast and uncompromising raw black metal à la Conqueror. Cool stuff
GODLESS TRUTH - “Arrogance of supreme power” - CD
GOETIA  -  "Hail Satan"  -  CD  -  Christcrushing black metal holocaust from Poland
GOMORRHA   -  "Sexual Perversity By Autopsy"  -  CD  -  Brutal death metal in vein of Severe Torture, Dying Fetus ... guttural vocals, sick lyrics,crushing drums...most brutal musick from Germany !!!!
GOTMOOR  - "Vlaemsche Premitieven" - CD
GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN - "Dynastie oder wie man Herrschaft definiert" - CD - powerful, original avantgardish epic bm
GRIMNESS - Trust In Decay - CD - Destructive Black Death in the vein of Satyricon and Dissection
GRIMNESS 69 - "Grimness Avenue 69" - CD - Grindcore with crust and death metal influences from Italy
HARVIST  -  "A Gleam In The Night"  -  CD  -  harsh cold black metal w/ a pagan  soul, out on Dark Horizon Prod.s
HASTUR  -  “Macabre execution”  -  MCD  -  somber, symphonic and atmospheric Black Metal at its best. This is the debut album of this cult act, slightly remembering bands like DIMMU BORGIR or CRADLE OF FILTH
HELL-BORN  -  "The call of Megiddo"  -  CD  -  feat. former members of Behemoth and Damnation, eight death / thrash hymns of pure evil and blasphemy. No melody, just pure, merciless onslaught for the gloy of the One With Hornes
HELLVETO / PHORCYS / FORESTDOME - s/t - Split CD - some more excellent melodic BM from Hellveto teamed up with agressive and technically proficient Black/Death Metal from Belarus and raw Pagan Black Metal from Spain
HELVETE  - "Alcohol, Drugs And Fucking Hell" - CD
HERETICAL - “De Praestigiis Daemonum” - MCD
HILLS OF SEFIROTH  - "The Neglected Ancestry" - CD
HOATH  - "Codex II: Kether" - CD
HOG CALLER / HEADCRASH  -  "s/t"  -  MCD  -  Unbelievably toxic keystoned grind thrash meets scathing Dutch drum machine driven hardcore power violent grind! 
HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE  -  "Dancing demons in the grey lit glade"  -  CD  -   original, twisted and hypnotic black metal from US
HOTH - "Rites of the black goddess" - CD
HOUWITSER  -  "Rage inside the womb"  -  CD  -  fast, merciless, over the top blend of death, grind and gore, w/ ex Sinister members. It also have various samples from cult films, monologues about decapitated bodies, serial killers and other such delightful matters
HYLING  -  "Last Winter"  -  MCD  -  Finest black metal of the Norwegian kind (Immortal and Satyricon as the main influences)
HYMEN OF DARKNESS - "Unholy Total Hate… Fuck You All!" - CD
ILLOGICIST  -  "Subjected"   -  CD  -  New album (on Crash Music) for these Schuldiner's worshippers from Italy. A massive dose of high skilled melodic Death Metal will upraise your brain !
IMPETUOUS RAGE - "Inverted Redemption" - CD - Old style Death Metal from Brazil
IN SILENTIO NOCTIS - Disenchant The Hypocrites - MCD - Symphonic Black Metal
INFERIS - “Surrending Honors to the Black Arts” - CD
INFERIUS TORMENT - Your God Liar - CD - Black Metal
INFERNAL GOAT  -  "We Like The Goat... And The Goat Like Us"  -  MCD  -  Bestial Black Metal in the vein of Impaled Nazarene
INHEIN - "Pestraupture" - CD - Sinister and crushing Black Metal from Russia
INSTINCT - "Instinct" - CD - Pagan English Black Metal debut on CD, strictly limited to 500 units
INTO THE GORE  -  "Pain Must Be Amplified"   -  CD  -  Long awaited debut album. Excellent brutal death metal. Face the pain !
JACK SLATER - “Metzgore” - CD
KAMAEDZITCA  -  "Dzeci Lesu"  -  CD  -  Pagan folk Death/Black Metal from Belarus. The title means "The Children of the forest"
KHEPHRA   -  "s/t"  -  MCD  - out for mighty Red Stream, melodic black metal w/ aggressive guitars and some deep, clean, theatrical voice at times reminding some Borknagar stuff. Now known as Fiurach
KIJU  -  "Nothing To Play For"  -  CD  -  Mutated metal/neo hardcore from Italy ! Heavy riffage with raspy vocals and pounding drums to illuminate the pure power and crushing breakdowns !!!
KILL - "Death * Kill * Metal" - CD - Death Metal from Poland, inspired by Cannibal Corpse
KONKHRA  -  “Weed Out The Weak”  -  CD  -  a  classic from the Danish monsters of aggressive thrash/death metal, here w/ James Murphy !!
KOREOPSIS  -  "Guttura woods"  -  MCD  -  killer crushing grind/death w/ drum machine !
KREON  - "Impact Winter" - CD - A masterpiece of technical, dark and sinister death metal from Germany. Eight tracks, 41 minutes.
LACRIMAE  - "White pest" - CD
LANIENA MENTIS  -  "Turn Into A Man"  -  CD  -  Second CD of Laniena Mentis..brutal, modern and technical death metal from Czech Republic
LEGACY OF BLOOD - "Infernal cult of blood" - CD - Raw Polish Black War Metal!!
LEPRASY - Morbid Pathologist - CD
LIFE AT ZERO - "Vile Piles" - CD - First full CD. US brutal fucking death metal from in the vein Pyrexia and so
LUCIFUGUM - "The Supreme Art Of Genocide" - CD - 11th album from this CULT Ukrainian Black Metal band
LUCIFUGUM  -  "Invade"  -  DigiCD  -
LUNA AD NOCTUM - "Dimness Profound" - CD - Nine tracks of well produced, raw, sometimes melodic black metal out of Poland. Comes with a bonus video.
LUNATIC GODS  -  "Inhuman & Insensible"  -  CD  -  reissued debut album of the best atmospheric death metal band from Slovakia. Including some bonus songs
LUNATIC GODS  -  "Mythus"  -  CD  - The fifth album of best atmospheric death metal band from Slovakia!!! Fast, aggressive, yet atmospheric and melodic death metal with some folkloristic influences
LUNATIC GODS  -  "Sitting By the Fire"  -  CD  -  reissued second album of the best atmospheric death metal band from Slovakia including some bonus songs
LUNATIC GODS  -  "The Wilderness"  -  CD  -  The fourth and most aggressive and powerful album of Lunatic Gods. Best atmospheric death metal band from Slovakia !!!
LUST / ANAEL  -  "s/t"  - CD -  violent, obscure and cacophonic black metal VS great, dark, ghastly ancient black metal
LUX FERRE   -  "Antichristian war propaganda"  -  CD  -   fast black metal from Portugal. No mercy !
LYRINX  - "Nihilistic purity" - CD
MAGGUT  -  "Into The Gore"  -  CD  -   Debut release by the great GoreGrind band from Osaka. 16 tracks incl. a cover song of REGURGITATE
MALAMOR - “Dead to world” - CD
MALEDICTIVE PIGS  -  "Bloodshed"   -  CD  -  absolutely deadly, skull-splitting death metal of the American school. Razorsharp riffs and competent grunting vocals make of this album a delight for all you death metal fans !
MALEFACTOR  -  "Death Falls Silent ..."  -  CD  -  Death/Grind from the USA ! Crushing breakdowns with melodic and uncompromising song structures. Not for the weak !
MALEFICIA   -  “Songs Of The Nightbird”  -  CD  -  long lost album of the finnish Black Metal elite recorded in 1995
MALKAVIAN  - “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stringer”  -  MCD  -  Modern Grind Core from Italy, powerful and greatly produced
MALVEILLANCE - "Insignifiance" - CD - The CD version of this Canadian black metal masterpiece originally released on cassette via Tour de Garde. Punk infused Black Metal supremacy !!
MANGE   -  "Disillusioned"  -  CD -  second album, showing a great improvement both of the production and songwriting, it can easily compete with the genre’s best works. Dreadful Black Metal withdense atmospheres, aggression and intensity
MARTIAL DEATH / CONTRAPROICA  - "Vom chaoz in den tod" - CD - From Germany, War Black Metal Vs pure Black Metal destruction
MASACRE  -  "Sacro"  -  CD  -  Colombian Death God, MASACRE's  kult  album "Sacro" album reissue with bonus trax including live  track !!
MASOKISMI  -  “Häpeällinen Siveysoppi”  -  CD  -  primitive and raw Necro Metal / Black Core assault, the ultimate in blasphemy and perversion for those into Von, Profanatica, early Beherit, Tuska, Gonkulator ...
MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM  -  "Dream killers"  -  CD  -  Czech brutal death grind masters (since 1992) are back with their fifth album. 12 songs of brutal, killers and technical musick
MELEK THA - "Perfect World Eradication" - CD - Evil Dark Industrial Ambient Music, a masterpiece of this now cult ambient band.
MENTAL FUNERAL - "Mental Funeral" - CD
MESS AGE  -  “Self Convicted”  -  CD  -  Polish Death Metal in the vein of Yattering and Vader
MIDRYASI - "s/t" - CD - hallucinated and schizophrenic doom, roughly sounding like a mix of Pentagram and the more progressive Celtic Frost
MIND ECLIPSE  -  Chaos Chronicles  -  CD  - death/black from Russia. Technically amazing guitar lines, various tempos, keyboard backgrounds, fascinating drumming, various vocals. It deserves a try
MIND PROPAGANDA / ISMARK - "Naturgewalten" - CD - Pagan Ukrainian BM Vs German Black Metal
MISCREANT  -  "Inside The Beyond"  -  CD  -  darkened old school death metal from Russia
MISCREANT  -  "Occult Philosophy"  -  CD  -   technic old school death metal from Russia, a bit à la old Death "Human" era
MISCREANT  -  "Oppressive"  -  CD  -   skilled and violent death metal from Russia, now with more groove, impact and a more modern style
MIXOMATOSIS / DEMISOR / GORED FACE  -  "Night Of The Living Grinders"  -  CD  -  Total Grind Gore Holocaust !
MOKER - Translating The Pain - CD
MOLOCH LETALIS - "Apoteoza Smierci" - CD
MOONTOWER  - "Praise the apocalypse" - CD
MORGART - "Die Schlacht" - CD - Norse-style Black Metal, in the vein of DIMMU BORGIR, ILDJARN and early ULVER
MORSGATT  -  "Butt Mud"  -  CD  -  Astonishing debut CD from this "sick pounding anal attacking hyper grind" (as they call it) band from Germany !
MORTAGE - "Trench for Evolution" - CD - Killing Thrash Metal from Brazil !
MORTIFER RAGE  - "Murderous Ritual" - CD
MORTUARY HACKING SESSION  -  “Delightful Carnage”  -  CD  - a cyber Grind Gore massacre for this all female band
MORTUARY HACKING SESSION / GRUESOME MALADY  -  -  CD  -  Top of the Grind Gore bizarre extravaganza !
MUCOUS SCROTUM - Hall Of The Slain - CD - Satanic Hateful Raw Black Metal from Israel. Killer stuff
MY MIND'S MINE  -  "48 Reason to leave this planet"  -  CD  -  Pure grindcore madness, includes unreleased traxs plus 7" and others material !
MYOPIA - Concentration of suffering - CD
MYRK - "Icons Of The Dark" - CD - fast BM from iceland
NACHTGEBLUT - "Strange Ways To Ancient Times" - CD - Grim and proud aristocratic Black Metal, followed by a classical approach
NAUSEOUS SURGERY  - "Immortal Warriors" - CD
NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM / R.H.P.P. / NECROKILLGRAVETERROR / CRANIUM  -  "s/t"  -  CD  -  Cyber porno gore gind feast !
NECROPLASMA - Gospels of antichristian terror - CD - Swedish N. need no introduction. Since 10 years now they 've walked its mighty path upon the black/thrash underground. This CD is a compilation of all their 3 demo recordings + the "Obscurial Death" 7"EP with artwork done by Erik/Watain. The cult is fucking alive !
NECROVILE - The Pungency Of Carnage  - CD
NEFORMAT  -  "Breathe With Hatred"  -  CD  -  The Kazakhstan collective on the debut album offers some very well crafted brutalizing technical & gutteral death metal !
NEOLITH  -  “Immortal”  -  CD  - technical death metal enriched with keys and some prog passages. Melody and atmosphere from this interesting Polish act !!
NEOPLASM DISSEMINATOR / HARMONY FAULT / PREMATURE AUTOPSY - "split CD" - CD - What do you expect ? Absolute GRIND domination in the name of GORE !
NEPENTE  - "Atonements" - CD - Intense Colombian blackened death metal assault mixing influences from bands like KRISIUN, MASACRE, CENTURIAN and early SINISTER.
NEPHENZY  -  "Where Death Becomes Art"   -  CD  -  killer Swedish death / black metal, not so distant from what done by Dark Funeral, Naglfar or Dissection. Fast, epic, melodic : remarkable !
NETER - "Nec Spe Nec Metu" - CD - Massive and modern death metal like Zyklon, Morbid Angel, Decapitated and (later) Behemoth from Sevilla, Spain
NETHEREALM  -  "The Occultist Omnibus"  -  CD  -  Extreme Hellish Black Metal from Singapore. Includes their debut demo as bonus !
NEVERLIGHT HORIZON - No Heaven ... Only Torment - CD
NIHIL OBSTAT  -  "Inherited Primitive Behaviors"  -  CD  -  Merciless, guttural and ferocious Colombian brutal death metal in then vein of Dying Fetus & Deranged !
NIRNAETH ARNOEDIAD - "s/t" - CD - Feat. members of Beyond The Ninth Wave, Operation Winter Mist. Canadian Black Metal at its best
NITBERG  -  "Nitsanger"  -  MCD  -  NS oriented raw black metal coming from Blazebirth Hall
NOCTUARY - "When fires breed blood" - CD - American Black Metal influenced by Abigor and Dissection
NOMENMORTIS  -  "How I Learn To Bleed..."  -  CD  -  Brutal death metal, twisted and with ultra sick voice but even with some slightly melodic guitar lines
NOSFERATOS  -  "Pandemonium"  -  CD  -  one of the most brutal bands from Russia. Livid, punishing, obscure brutal death metal
NOSFERATOS  -  "Ventum Inferum De Tenebrae"  -  CD  -  unholy brutal death metal from Mother Russia ! Violent, heavy and dark 
OBLOMOV  -  "Mighty Cosmic Dances"  -  CD  -   melodic extreme metal w/ drum machine and also some sax inserts !!! W/ lyrics inspired by sciene fiction and astronomy. Cool
OBSCENE EULOGY  -  "Defining the Hate"  -  CD  -    the essence of pure horror through the medium of extreme metal with Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene on vocals
OBSCENE EULOGY   -  "A Portal Into Fire"  -  MCD  -   tremendously dominant Black / Death Metal that carries with it the mark of the Beast. Feat. members of IMPALED NAZARENE.
OBSCURE MIND / LOST GRAVEYARD - “Under the black shadows” - CD - A split release between two mysterious and unknown Brazilian primitive Black Metal hordes.
OBSCURE VORTEX - "Was einst var" - CD - Epic Black Metal from Germany, with some Pagan touches
OCTAGON - "Artisans of Cruelty" - CD - US Black Metal misogynists Octagon finally unleash their debut release, bleeding misogyny, sadomasochism, anger, pain and strife. 10 tales of depravity that will leave the listener agonizing ! For depraved minds
OLOCAUSTO - Sadistic violation of human rights - CD
ORCRIST - "Black blood raised" - CD - Black Metal from Italy, greatly influenced by the Norwegian hordes (Darkthrone, Gorgoroth...)
ORGAN HARVEST - Bowel Waltz - CD
ORIFICE - “The are the flowers that I love to smell” - CD
PAGALGUENNA  - "Dreams" - CD - Melodic Black / Viking Metal from Germany
PAGAN REIGN  -  "Otbleski Slavy ..."  -  CD  -  Slavonic pagan folkish black/death, full of great melodies !!
PAGAN WINTER - Inferos  - CD
PAGAN WINTER  -  "The Cult of Flesh"   -  MCD  -  Fast German black metal
PANDEMIA - “Personal Demon” - CD
PANDEMONIUM - "The Autumn Enigma" - CD - Melodic Swedish Death Metal. This is their 4th album
PATHOLOGY STENCH  -  "Accion Mutante"  -  CD  -  great death / grind from Czech Rep, cult band
PESSIMIST - "Blood fro the gods" - CD - Crushing blackened American death metal.
PESSIMIST - "Cult of the initiated" - CD - Crushing blackened American death metal.
PESSIMIST - "Slaughtering the faithful" - CD - Crushing blackened American death metal.
PHANTASMAGORY  -  "Anamorphosis Of Dreams"  -  CD  -  Progressive Atmospheric Techno Death Metal from Ukraine
PIGSTY - “Living dead stars” - MCD
PISSING RAZORS  -  “s/t”  -  CD
POGROM 1147 - "Black Metal Complete" - CD - raw and hateful polish black metal
POLYMORPH   - "Disgraceful Supper" - MCD
POZILGA / O.B.N.I. / MALIGNANT TUMOUR  -  "Crudo Pero Real"  -  CD  -  3 way split CD, 83 tracks of sick and filthy noizy goregrindcore !
PRAYER OF THE DYING  - "From the Mouth of the Passing" - CD - Black Metal influenced by Darkthrone, Dark Funeral, Bathory with some Doom, atmospheric passages
PRIMIGENIUM  -  "Intolerance"  -  CD  -  pure, cold, grim and chaotic black metal from Spain. Killer !
PROFUNDIS  - "Nokturn" - CD
PROTEST  -  "About Human Idols"  -  CD   -  Pure grinding blast beat insanity from Slovak high quality painkillers !!! This is one of the most original and unique albums ever !
PSICORRAGIA  -  "La Pasion De Lo Mortal"  - CD -  Great Progressive Death Metal from Colombia
PSYCHOFAGIST  -  "s/t"  -  CD  -  sick, lunatic, twisted, schizobrutalgrind from Italy !! Extreme, experimental and avantgardish, for  Dillinger Escape Plan / Cephalic Carnage fans !
PSYCHOMANCER  -  “s/t”  -  CD -  ablazing atmospheric doomy death metal from Belgium, Polar Bear Rec.s, this is its debut
PULVERIZED - "Spheres of depraved philosophy" - CD
PUNISHED EARTH  -  "Frankenstein"  -  CD  -  Nice deathgrind with cool, slow darkened passages, excellent graphic. A worthy release!
PUTREFIED  -  "Live Plugged and Crushing"  -  CD  -  A "discography" CD including a complete live set, 2 brand new songs, the album "The Putrid Remains" and 4 songs from "Body Bits"
PUTRID INBRED - Scavenger - CD
RADIGOST  -  "Nocturne"  -  CD  -  russian act combining atmospheric sympho melodic black with some ponderous doom death passages. Long compositions, dreamy piano inserts and double pitched vocals (high screams and low growls). An interesting debut !
RANCID FLESH / PANKREATITE NECRO HEMORRAGICA - "s/t" - CD - Hardcorish Grindgore Vs Ultra-blasting Grindgore
RAVAGER  -  "Storm of sin"  -  CD  -   furious, fast as hell, bestial crushing death à la Krisiun, Abhorrence
RAVAGER  - “Storm of Sin” - CD - Sealed
REGURGITATE / ENTRAILS MASSACRE / SUPPOSITORY  -  "3 way grindcore knockout round 1"  -  CD  -  Total grindcore live split cd, R's heaviest grindcore + Entrails Massacre's hc/grind + S's intense grindcore
RIGOR SARDONICOUS  -  "Principia Sardonica"  -  CD  -  3th album, apocalyptic doom stuff. Imagine Thergothon, early Skepticism, Disembowelment, Symphony of Grief and Winter stripped to its barest elements. Only for the truest of DOOM enthusiasts !
RISING MOON  -  "They are as us"  -  CD  -  4th album for the Italians. Again groovy, catchy, aggressive and melodic death metal à la At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Eucharist, In Flames and Hypocrisy, w/ sci fi inspired lyrics. Powerful production, quality stuff !
ROOT - "Kargeras" - CD
ROTTENNESS  -  "Inhuman ways of depravity"  -  CD  -  second work. Porno sado demented gory death grind from Mexico, really perverted, and inhuman. By hearing this you’ll learn what the word “extreme” means !!
SACROSANCTUM - “Fragments” - CD - Gothic Doom from Czech Republic in the vein of Theatre of Tragedy and Tristania.
SAD - "Abandoned and Forgotten" - CD
SADIZTIK IMPALER - "Sadiztik Syonan to Surpremacy" - CD - bestial & chaotic BM from Singapore
SAINTS EVERLASTING REST  -  "The Dusk Of Millenium"  -  CD  -   Re issue of this doom/death masterpiece w/ funeral influences by this Russian act. This album was issued in 2001 in MC format by Sound Age Productions, and now it has been reissued on CD by Wroth Emitter Prod.s
SALVATION666 - “Anima Pestifera” - CD - Raw and primitive Black Metal in the vein of Sargeist, Darkthrone, Khold, Beherit with some diversions
SANATORIUM  -  "Fetus rape"  -  MCD  -  20 minutes running, six tracks EP from these wellknown Slovak sickos !!
SANCTIFER  -  "Awaken by impurity rites"  -  CD  -  catchy brutal death metal w/ great solos from Brasil. Great graphix, definitely a worthy album !!!
SARGATANAS  - "The Enlightenment" - CD
SECRETUM  -  "Happy, Happy Killing Time"  -  CD  -   Secretum are one of the most promising newcomer from Germany. Fast, aggressive, intense modern thrash at its best
SECTORIAL - Erase and Reborn the Humanity - CD - Folk Thrash Death Grind
SELFHATE  -  "At the begining"  -  CD -  doom ! Pretty good, by the way, w/ acoustic guitars, harsh and clean vocals
SHROUD  -  "Chamber of suicide"  -  MCD  -  Cold Black Metal in the true early 90´s vein. Featuring Smaug of Primigenium and Asath of Beelzeb.
SLUNOVRAT - “Sword and iron cross” - CD
SMASHED FACE  -  "Human: Earth Parasite"  -  CD  -  Brutal death metal from Czech Republic in US /NY style..
SOILENT GREEN - “Confrontation” - CD
SOLGRAV  - "Auringon Hauta" - CD - Finnish folk-inspired pagan black metal, very original
SOLGRAV / F  - "Kaksi Perkelettä" - CD - From Finland, Pagan Black Metal vs Industrial Extreme Metal
SONS OF CHAOS  -  "Redwork"  -  CD  -  Californian trio playing a great hybrid of brutal death metal mixed with a feel of the finest old school grindcore mayhem, 9/10 on The Metal Observer
SOUL DEVOUR  - "Apocalyptic Anti-Human Annihilation" - CD - Sick Death Metal from Singapore.
SPINEGRINDER - A Visual Symphony Of Horror  - MCD
STILLNESS' BLADE - Break Of The Second Seal - The Eternal D... - CD - Ripping Death Metal attacks with a macabre creepy atmosphere
STUMM - "I" - CD - Impressive Funeral Doom from Finland in the vein of Khanate and Moss.
STYGGELSE - Heir Today God Tomorrow - CD
SUHRIM -   “Unidentified Flying Body Parts”  -  CD  -  gory brutal death (à la Aborted, Deranged)  from Belgium
SUHRIM - The Cunt Collector - CD
SURGICAL DISSECTION - "DIsgust" - CD - 2nd album of this band from Slovakia of pure brutal Death very influenced by KATAKLYSM but also by SUFFOCATION.
SVARTTHRON  - "Obscure telephaty" - CD
SYKLISK NEDGANG - “Purification Through the Fall” - CD
TAGEZ - "Being Dysangelist & Lord Of Universal Nihilism" - CD - great esoteric dark electro industrial ritual evoked by this Berlin based act. Limited to 300 copies
TALES OF DARKNORD -  "Dismissed"  -  CD  -  brutal, technical and melodic death metal from Russia, pretty original and fresh stuff !
TANGORODREAM  - "Twilight before sunrise" - CD - Funeral Doom Metal in the vein of early Anathema. All their demos on one CD.
TEARS OF DECAY  -  "Redemption"  -  MCD  -  groovy death/grind madness with brutal vocals, crushing riffs and fast drums. Expect a  bleeding stab on your back !
TETRAKTYS - "Voreion Sellas" - CD - esoteric ambient music, based on the ancient Hellenic mysticism and philosophy. The originality of TETRAKTYS is marked inside 52 minutes of negative feelings
THANATOPSIS - "Stages of Decomposition" - CD - Ultra putrid GrindGore
THANATOS  -  "Beyond Terror"  -  MCD  -  one of the finest death metal acts of the '90s is back with new tracks plus Possessed and Celtic Frost covers.
THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING  -  "Slow death By Grinding"  -  MCD  -  Following on from their ribcage rattling debut "Le Mort", they return with a hammering new EP to fill every one of your orifices with their oozing goregrind stench
THE END 666 - "Terror inside" - CD - Black/Thrash Metal from France
THE END 666 - "The ultra-violence" - CD - Black/Thrash Metal from France
THE LAST TWILIGHT  - "Eternal Tribulation" - MCD
THE LIGHT OF DARK  - "Beyond darkness & Hell we come" - CD
THE RAVENOUS  -  "Blood Delirium"  -  DigiCD  -  Here’s their second album, even more bizarre and sick to the bone, The Ravenous presents no less than 11 new and fuckedup Death Metal tracks !
THE RAVENOUS  -  "Three on a Meathook"  -  DigiMCD  -  Four new tracks ! Sick and morbid Death Metal featuring members of NECROPHAGIA and AUTOPSY!
The True ENDLESS  - "An Year In Black" - CD
The true ENDLESS  - "Buried by time and dust" - CD
The True ENDLESS  - "Suicide Journey" - CD
THEGALVINWILHELMMILLERQUARTET - "s/t" - CD - schizoid grind from Buffalo, NY featuring members of Avulsion and Parade of the Lifeless. Blazing grind stretched to upwards of 9 minutes at a time mixing the most bulldozing blasts of double bass, piccolo snare and tornado guitar runs with church choirs, middle eastern motifs, squealing sax, tribal percussion, swirling ambience, jazz structure, sampled vocals, keyboards, and christ knows what else. Unlike anything you've heard before
THORNESBREED  -  "The Splendour Of The Repellent"  -  CD  -  old school death metal à la Incantation for the Germans, good !
THRONDT  -  "s/t"  -  CD  -  brutal and raw, icy cold black metal hymns in the true old tradition, w/ beautiful acoustic intermezzoes
THRONUM VRONDOR - Vrondor I : Epitaph of Mass Destruction - CD - Black Metal from Belgium, featuring Vrondor from Demonized and Crygh from Grimfaug
THY FLESH CONSUMED  -  "End of Blind Obedience"  -  CD  -  fast, crushing, infernal death metal from Canada. W/ a Blasphemy cover
THY HASTUR - THE ANCIENTS - CD - dark/black metal
THY WINTER KINGDOM  -  “Opus II InnerSpectrum”  -  CD  -  freezing black metal w/ majestic clean vocals, a bit à la Taake
TIRAN  - "Demonia" - CD - 9 tracks of old school Thrashy Death Metal including a cover of KORROZIA METALL's Russian Vodka
TOMORROW'S VICTIM / PERVERSE / MOULDED FLESH  -  3 way split  -  CD  -  three Brutal Death Metal bands are ready to crush your head
TORTURER  -  "Live From The Ashes"  -  CD  -  Gods of Death/Thrash Metal from Chile. Their excellent live (25/05/2001, Santiago City, Chile) album ! Great sound quality
TOXOCARA  -  "Imminent Repulsion (Suffice To Prevent)"  -  CD  -  Featuring members of Prostitute Disfigurement and  The Monolith Death Cult. Be prepared for the most intense Brutal Death Metal from Holland with an old school flavor!
TRIMEGISTO  - "Subterranean Streams" - CD -  Unholy, obscure, atmospheric and brutal Death Metal from Chile
TROM  -  “Evil”  -  CD  -  BD from Italy offers 8 tracks of brutal Death / Grind and O from Sweden delivers 5 tracks of brutal Death Metal including a MORTICIAN cover. Sick and gory cover art!!
TRUCULENCY - “Eviscerate the paraplegic” - CD
TUMULUS  -  " Sredokresie"  -  CD  -  brand new record for art pagan/folk metal Russian masters, that describe this record as an "original fusion of slavic folk, progressive metal and rock, ambient and other styles". According to the band "lyrically the album deals with heathen mysteries, rites and magic"
TUMULUS  -  "Winter Wood"  -  CD  - Debut album of russian ART FOLK PROGRESSIVE METAL band. Slavic folk melodies and a totally original symbiosis of styles, feat. the clean vocals of Russian folk diva Marina Sokolova
TYRAEL - Der Wald ist mein Zuhause - CD - Melodic Black Death Metal
UMBRA NOCTIS - "Luce Oltre il Confine" - CD - Black Death Metal from Italy, with a very original concept
UNBURIED  - "Slut decapitator" - CD
UNDERDARK  - "In the name of chaos" - CD - Very good Death Metal from Poland
UNDERTAKERS / FIVE STAR LUXURY / BERLUSCONI SS / ZE MONSTA  -  “Noise In Stereo”  -  CD - hard-core-ish brutality in four different ways : annihilating !
UNSILENT - Black Spell Sessions - CD - Anti-Christian and Apokalyptic Black Metal from Chile. Great
UPPERCUT  - "Reanimation Of Hate" - CD
UTGARD  - "Thrones and Dominions" - CD - Black Metal in the mid 90ies Finnish style
V. A.  -  “Insights Of The Profane”  -  CD  -  Nice Black Metal compilation featuring tracks from Azaghal, Judas Ischariot and Archaen Harmony among the others
V.A. - Defenders of the noise (a tribute to Anal Cunt) - CD
V.A.  - "Obskure Sombre Doom Fuzz Compilation 2003" - CD
VEDONIST  - "The World Of Reversed Decalogue" - CD
VELD - Infested with Rats Life - CD - Re-edition of full lenght debut from Belarussian creators of pure brutality. Bombastic death metal the East-european way, influenced by early Death, Vader, Krabathor. PLUS "Church Of Lies" video for PC as bonus.
VEMOTH  - "Kottkroksvals" - CD
VIRUS / KEVLAR SKIN - "Specialized Human Robot / The Human Room" - CD - Cyber Brutal Death Metal Vs Brutal Death in the vein of Dying Fetus and Suffocation
VISCERA INFEST  -  "Demo 2005"  -  MCD  -  Their debut demo, Mexican style Gore Grind from Oita city / Japan. Totally sick as fuck ! Pro MCD with full cover booklet
VIVID X  -  "V.Xtremal Progress"  -  CD  -  dark doomy music with growls, female vocals, violin. Great sound quality. Excellent !
VOMITOMA - "The Abortuary" - CD - Ultra brutal, rotting Grindgore
VORDR - "II" -  CD - Finnish raw, primitive, harsh and cold, nature inspired black metal. New album
WAR - "Holy war" - CD - Black Metal from Poland
WARGORE -  "Decadence Of Benevolence"  -  CD  -   total hyperblasting brutal grind hurricane from this newcoming Italian act
WARLUST  -  "The final war"  -  MCD  -   terroristic war black metal à la Revenge, Axis of Advance and the likes. From the Netherlands. Surely not for the sweethearted
WARSPITE  - "Confrontation Course" - CD
WAXEN  - "Fumaroth" - CD - One man band from the US, playing Black Metal with drum machine in the vein of Dark Funeral
WOLFEN SOCIETY  -  “Conquer Divine”  -  MCD  -  feat. members of Acheron, Dark Funeral, Incantation, this is some finest misanthropic death metal with a black metal twist. Just fucking brilliant ! 10/10 on
WORLD DOWNFALL - "Last step before the fall" - CD - nice old school DeathGrind influenced by Terrorizer and Brutal Truth
WOUNDS - "Chaos Theory" - CD - finnish brutal old school death / thrash
WURDULAK  -  "Ceremony in flames"  -  CD  -  all stars band feat. Killjoy (NECROPHAGIA), Maniac (MAYHEM), Frediablo (NECROPHAGIA/ GORELORD), Iscariah (ex IMMORTAL) on bass and a dozen of other people. Offering evil as hell old school metal of death
YAOTL MICTLAN  - "Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos" - CD - From Mexico, a suprising blend of Black Metal and ancient Mexican instruments.
YOUR KID'S ON FIRE - “Aught Six : a Necrodissey” - CD - Horror-inspired Goregrind from US. Great cut'n'paste artwork !
ZARACH'BAAL'THARAGH - Eternal Darkness - CD - lofi black metal
ZORA  - "U. V .A." - CD

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